Engineering company "CITY-GAS" Ltd. is a company with the object of design, development and production of tanks for storage of liquefied gas LPG, in accordance with the requirements of European Directive 97/23.

Engineering company "CITY-GAZ" Ltd. is a dynamic company with ambitions for absorption and imposition of high quality products on the market.

The company's staff is highly qualified, knows well both the essential requirements for this type of products and the ways of providing and guaranteeing them, as well as customer demand on domestic and international markets.

The company has modernly equipped production, with machines for technological preparation of materials, stands for carrying out tests, cameras for preparation and laying of coatings.

The production nomenclature covers a wide range of parameters:

  • volume of vessels produced – from 990 to 100 000+ liters;
  • operating pressure – from 15.6 to 17.65 bar, depending on local regulatory requirements in different countries;
  • tanks for above-ground and underground installation.

Potential clients of the company are both Bulgarian and European and Middle Eastern markets